President: Prof. Zhao Zuobin

Personal Information

Name: Zhao Zuobin   Gender: male  

Nationality: Han  Place of Birth: Jingshan, Hubei

Date of Birth: August 8th, 1958 Date of Work: July, 1982

Education Degree: Master Academic Title: Professor


1979-1982 a student at the Department of Ideological and Political Education of Jingzhou Teachers College(now Yangtze University)

1982-1990 a teacher at Jingzhou Teachers College, and Deputy Director of Department of Economics

1993-so far President of Hubei Guangxin Group of Technology & Education

2002April 2011 President of WUST ZHONGNAN BRANCH

May 2001-so far President of Wuchang University of Technology

Major Social Posts

? a member of the Eighth CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee,

? a member of the Standing Committee of the Ninth and the Tenth CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee,

? a member of the Standing Committee of the Tenth and the Eleventh CDL Hubei Provincial Committee

? Vice President of China's Economic System Reform Council,

? Deputy Chairman of Association for Multinational Corporation Promotion of China,

? Deputy Chairman of National Educationists' Association,

? Deputy Director of China Vocational Education Institute in Hubei

Part of the Awards

China's Top Ten Educators in 2007 jointly awarded by UNESCO, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports

The first Huang Yanpei's Outstanding President by Chinese Vocational Educational Institute

Advanced Individual in Earthquake Relief Work by the Central Committee of China Democratic League

The Seventh Hubei Poverty Alleviation Award by Hubei Poverty Alleviation Foundation

Ten Major Figures of Innovation in China's Reform by China Reform Daily

Ten Annual Figures of Reading Promotion by China Education Daily

Innovation in Education Reform in Asia of the 21st Century by Asian Research Association of Education Reform and Institute of Asian Education, Tokyo, Japan

Excellent Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics by Jingmen Municipal People's Government

the second prize of The 3rd National Teaching Achievement

the first prize of Teaching Achievement of Higher Education in Hubei Province

Pioneer in Education in China by Xinhuanet

Top Contributor in China's Education Reform in the 21st Century by The Eighth China's Education Reform Forum and The 2011 National Assessment of Educators


Secretary of the Party Committee: Prof. Tu Fanjian

Tu Fanjian, male, born in 1963, Researcher, Postgraduate Supervisor, was appointed as the secretary of the Party Committee of Wuchang University of Technology in April 2013.

Professor Tu Fanjian was once the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the chemical technology department in Wuhan University of Chemical Technology (the former Wuhan Institute of Technology), the head of the division of admission and graduate employment in Wuhan Institute of Technology, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Post and Telecommunication of WIT, the president of the College of Post and Telecommunication of WIT, etc.

At present, in addition to the Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, Professor Tu is a member of the Party Committee of Wuhan Institute of Technology and a leading cadre in WIT.

Professor Tu Fanjian is committed to the research of higher education and has gained great achievements. To mention just a few, he has presided over and participated in 15 of the humanities & social sciences programs of Hubei province, published one treatise and over 10 papers. Professor Tu has won many awards and honors such as “national outstanding individual for admission and graduate work in colleges and universities”, “outstanding individual for diligence and integrity in WIT”.


Deputy President: Prof. Wang Yuanzhang

Wangyuan Zhang, male, well-known economist, PhD supervisor, and professor, is committed in teaching and research in economy in Wuhan University and other universities for a long time.

Current titles

? Deputy President Wuchang University of Technology

? Executive Director of the Seminar of China's Economic Development

? Head of the Research Association of Das Kapital in Hubei Province

? President of the Research Group of Economic Thoughts of Marxist



? a writer of more than 160 papers and eight academic monographs;

? an editor of four textbooks Sinology and two national textbooks, and 23 theoretical and academic works;

? Chairman of the research "Development of Marxist Economic Ideas" sponsored by National Social Science Foundation.


? Model Workers in the National Education Circle;

? Expert with the State Council Special Allowance;

? Experts with outstanding contributions in Hubei Province;

? Dong Fu Economics Prize", People's Teachers Medal----the highest prize in China's education system;

? Project Award, the highest national social science research prize by the CCCPC Publicity Department;


Vice President: Prof. Wu Kaisheng

Wu Kaisheng, male, professor, member of Communist Party of China, graduated from Central China Normal University in 1964, enjoys special government allowances.

Presently working as the vice president of Wuchang University of Technology, professor Wu Kaisheng has been engaged in the teaching and research of Marxist theory. Among his achievements, 12 books, over 20 papers have been published, 8 research projects have been awarded by the provincial Association of Marxist theory.

Former Titles

Director of the Marxist theory Teaching Guiding Committee of higher education in Hubei province;

Vice president and Secretary-General of Association of Marxist theory Education in colleges and universities in Hubei province;

Dean of the Academic Affairs Office in South-Central University For Nationalities;

Minister of the Department of Publicity of Party Committee in South-Central University For Nationalities


President Assistant: Professor He Xingliang

He Xingliang, male, Chinese Communist Party member, college graduate, is now a professor. He once worked at Jingmen University(Now Jingchu University of Technology)as the dean of the department of Law and Politics, the director of the Party committee office, secretary of the Party committee for teaching, academic Director, and vice President. Moreover, he was the expert of Professional schooling qualification evaluation group in Hubei. He also worked as the vice president at Jingmen Party School, the vice dean of Jingmen Institute of Public Administration and Jingmen Institute of Socialism. Now he is the president assistant and the general supervisor of WUST. He has been engaged in teaching and research with the result of more than 30 academic papers published in the Journals above the provincial level. Besides, he also published 3 Monographs. He edited 5 textbooks and co-edited many other textbooks.


President Assistant: Peng Yuanjie

Peng Yuanjie, male, CPC memberbachelor, researcher, has been honored as an outstanding cadre of international affairs in Hubei Province for several times, was appointed as the President Assistant of WUT and the head of the School of International Education in WUT in Jan. 2013.

Former titles:

?Chairman of the Council in Economics and Management School of Wuhan University

?First Secretary of the Education Department of Chinese Embassy in Britain

?Head of Foreign Affairs Division of Wuhan University

?Minister of the International Office of Wuhan University

?Head of the College of Foreign Students Education in Wuhan University

?Vice-chairman of the Talent Introduction Association of China

?General secretary of the Talent Introduction Association of Hubei Province

?Vice-chairman of the China Association for International Education

?Chairman of the Association for International Education in Hubei Province