Admissions in English

Applicants include Long or Short Term Chinese Language courses, International or Exchange students. Overseas applicants who are healthy, aged from 16 to 55include 16, 55, are eligible for application. 

blob.pngLong/Short Term Chinese Language Program: This program lasts 1 academic year for Chinese language and culture. Step by step, overseas students and foreign students can master Chinese language and culture.

International or Exchange Students: Overseas or Exchange students are highly welcomed and favored in this program.


Courses and Specialties

Long/Short Term Chinese Language Program

Academic period: 18 classes per 1 week in half academic year (15 weeks) or 1 academic year (30 weeks)

Courses:  HSK, Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Writing, Chinese Listening & Speaking, Magazines Reading, Calligraphy, Geography, Music Appreciation, English etc.

Out-school Activities: Internship will be offered for students. And sightseeing, tours to Wuhan’s historical, cultural and scenic sports will be organized as well.

Students who pass their Chinese course for one academic year will be granted with Certification of Chinese Proficiency by Wuchang University of Technology.


International or Exchange Students

Applicants of Arts must reach 6thLevel (or above 6th Level) of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), and 3rd for students of Science respectively. Those applicants without HSK certification can attend Long or Short Term Chinese Language Program in our school. Diploma will be granted when you finished your 4-year study in most specialties or 5-year study in Architecture.


School & Specialties


Tuition Fees (RMB Yuan)

Application fees: RMB 400 yuan should be paid in Chinese cash or China union pay when you apply for the study. Foreign currencies are strongly unaccepted.


Application and Admission Procedures

1.    Applying Time

  September1 to November 30 for the Spring Semester

March 1 to June 10 for the Fall Semester

2.    Application Requestments

Applicants are requested to have the following materials ready after receiving the “Application Form” from Wuchang University of Technology.

A.Application Form: have the forms filled in with the applicant’s latest half-            length, full-faced and bareheaded photo attached.

B.  Submitting a Physical Exam Record Form;
     C.  Official copies of your final diploma and official transcript of academic                   work;

D.  Certifications of tuition funding

E.  Certifications of HSK;

F.  6 latest passport style photos;

G.  Copy of your passport

3.    Notice:

Applicants will soon receive a reply. If accepted, they will receive an “Admission Notice of Wuchang University of Technology” and an “Application Form for Foreign Student Visa” (JW-202 Form) issued by the State Education Department of China.