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WUT Held the First "Excellent Cup" Badminton Competition

WUT Held the First "Excellent Cup" Badminton Competition

Zhongnan Online, May 10th-----In order to strengthen college students' consciousness of extra-curricular exercise, promote the development of badminton in the school, and attract more students to participate in the sports, in the evening of May 5th, WUT held the first "Excellent Cup" badminton competition in the students’ activity center. The competition has attracted wide attention of teachers and students, there are six colleges sending representatives to participate in the competition.

It is understood that this competition is sponsored by WUT, organized by the College of Life Science, and co-organized by the Badminton Association. The competition is divided into two stages, the first stage use round robin match (divided into two groups), the second stage use knockout match, and then decide the ranking; the competition is in the form of five singles, the winner of each single will get one point, the one who get three points firstly is the victor. Finally, after several rounds of fierce competition, representatives from the business school won the champion. Representatives from the College of City Construction and the College of Art and Design won the runner-up and the second runner-up respectively.

All the students praised this competition. The Chairman of the Badminton Association, Gao Chen, said “I’m so happy that the school attaches great importance to this competition, and the process is very smooth. I hope the students can participate in this competition actively in the future". The Secretary of Youth League of WUT, Li Jinyong, said:” Our school has always attached great importance to physical fitness and physical exercise of students. And often hold a series of activities to guide students to participate in the exercise. There are a number of competitions after the end of the competition of badminton, such as table tennis, basketball and other competitions waiting for you, I hope the students can participate in actively.”