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Canadian Foreign Teacher Gave Up Going Back to Canada and Continued to Teach in WUT

On February 11, 2020, the Canadian government chartered flight to evacuate overseas Chinese took off from Wuhan, which was the second time that the Canadian government evacuated overseas Chinese. Robert, a Canadian teacher in our school, has received many notices from the Canadian government, which advised him to temporarily leave Wuhan and return to Canada. After careful consideration, he twice gave up boarding the evacuation plane, but chose to stay in China, stay in Wuhan. “ I love Wuhan, China, and I love my students. At this special time, I will stand together with Wuhan and Wuchang university of Technology.  I’d like to perform my duties, with my actions, to encourage you to overcome difficulties!’


The teachers and students were deeply moved and encouraged by Robert's lofty internationalist spirit and praised him for his professionalism. At present, our school's courses are taught online, and Robert's EAP English courses in Canada have all been launched. He carefully prepared all kinds of courseware and achieved good teaching effect, which was well received by the students. Great!" Everyone expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Robert in the circle of friends. They were proud of having such an excellent foreign teacher.

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Robert is from Ottawa, Canada. He graduated from the world famous university of Ottawa, majoring in English. He has been responsible for the English teaching of hotel management in our university. In 2017, the Sino-foreign cooperative education program jointly held by our school and Niagara college of Canada was officially launched, and the two sides established the first Sino-Canadian College in the province. In order to ensure the high quality of the program and to meet the language requirements of students studying abroad, the professional English program is fully staffed by Robert, an excellent teacher from Canada. Since the success of the program, Mr. Robert's teaching effect in English has been widely praised, and the success rate of students going abroad has reached 100%. The deputy consul general of Canada in Shanghai and other officials visited WUT many times to inspect the Sino-Canadian cooperative educational program, and called the Sino-Canadian program of Wuchang university of Technology "a model of Canadian-Chinese educational cooperation".